natalie williams calhoun



Natalie completed her MusM in Violoncello performance at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England, and her BMus in Cello at UBC in Vancouver, Canada. She is also a founding member of Atlantic String Machine, a genre jumping string quintet based in Charlottetown, PEI. Natalie also enjoys collaborating with singer/songwriters, both live and in recording sessions. She has just released her first solo CD on monochrome motif records.


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Review of Natalie's EP " act three" by Phil Thomas

‘Pillars’ is the opening track of this debut solo EP from a fine cellist with an established classical career playing with The Atlantic String Quartet as well as teaching and conducting at the University of Prince Edward Island, where she now lives. She has decided to spread her wings and is clearly loving it! The world is probably divided into those who like classical music and those who do not. That’s a pity because Natalie Williams Calhoun has produced an EP featuring her cello that, while it may have a classical feel, doesn’t fit or need any such label. Her music is atmospheric and melodic, and, like the very best music of any genre, it enables you to close your eyes and see pictures while you listen. Some of her compositions bring to mind the opening credits for film or TV and that is a market in which I think she will do very well. ‘Bumblebeasy’ is bright, enjoyable and has a memorable melodic hook to it. There is some very tight technical playing here. The pizzicato playing lays down a solid groove and Natalie’s tone on the melody line is superb. ‘January’ has an apt title. It feels cold. The electronic drum played by Natalie’s 13 yr old son is a subtle addition to several of these tracks and never allowed to overwhelm. This EP doesn’t have any examples of Natalie’s singing but trust me when I tell you she has a fine voice that is full of character so, hopefully we have that to look forward to. Natalie doesn’t lack courage. She submitted this EP of largely cello instrumental music to a competition run by UK independent record label Lights and Lines that usually swims in a very different pond indeed. Mixing it up with different and diverse genres of music from Punk via Electronica to Death Metal she held her head up well and deservedly received a ‘One To Watch’ award from the judges. This music positively screams film and TV themes. I understand she is studying film and soundtrack music at Berklee to add another string to her bow (no pun intended) in addition to an established classical music career. I feel sure that film makers and TV producers will be keen to use her work. She is an exceptional composer and arranger as well as a fine cellist. ‘10 Mile’ displays an edginess and an eerie tension that film makers will love if they have plans for a thriller. There’s a lot of talent on show here. Natalie is now releasing her work through Monochrome Motif Records in the UK, which is run by fellow musician and composer Andrew Hartshorn. Andrew specialises in Post Classical and Cinematic music. The pair have found a natural fit and have begun working together. The first tracks I have heard are really encouraging and I look forward to hearing more.Phil Thomas


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